We provide drug testing services to individuals and employers all over the United States. Call 1 (818) 869-8878 to place an order at one of our 10,000 facilities or order your drug test online today!



Goat Moves Drug Testing offers MRO (Medical Review Officer) services combined with a software platform that manages all of aspects of your drug testing from scheduling to test completion.


Best practices are  the only practice within our organization. Our company keeps up to date with local, state and federal regulations, ensuring a 100% compliance with 49 CFR Part 40.


Our team works diligently to provide the best and safest services. Our team is consistently honing their skills through proper certifications via certified state facilitators


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Whether your company has 10 or 10,000 employees, we can manage your pre-employment screening, random testing pools and manage all of your back end paperwork virtually so you don’t have to worry about it. We are one less headache for your human resources & accounting department.

Order A Test Online

For individuals, we set up drug testing daily upon demand. You can call today and get your test done today, or order online anytime. Our individual drug test customers often need testing for probation, court ordered testing, divorce cases, child custody cases and all other reasons for a personal drug test. If you need a random drug testing schedule, we can set that up for you. We don’t ask questions and your drug testing result is personal and confidential.


For employers, we can either set you up a drug screening account or we can arrange for a drug test for your employee today with no account needed. With over 10,000 drug test centers located in all areas of the United States, Goat Moves Drug Testing can provide service to non-regulated employers, DOT regulated employers and owner-operators.

DOT Testing Programs

DOT regulated companies need expertise in setting up Drug Testing Programs. Programs available for FMCSAFAAUSCGPHMSAFTA and  FRA. Including 24/7 coverage for post-accident.

Call 1 (818) 869-8878 or Order Your Test Online Today!