Managing random testing programs with our system is easy and includes both stand-alone random pool management and consortium pool management. TPA’s and or employer clients can easily upload or manually add or delete employees to the system at any time before the selection process. Random selections can be automated and run on a scheduled date or run manually. Employers receive random testing selection notices via e-mail or secure fax. Alternate lists are available and additional tests can be selected easily within minutes.

The Goat Moves Drug Testing software platform manages random testing programs for DOT and non-DOT employers. A turnkey process with easy administration and instant compliance reports as needed. System users gain access to the customer pools module where random pools are created, maintained, and processed. When opening this module, the user will be presented with a list of state laws, alerts, and special requirements.


Goat Moves Drug Testing can manage your random drug testing consortium for you or help you to learn the system and manage the drug testing random consortium on your own.

Random drug testing management from Goat Moves Drug Testing offers a secure and convenient web-based application that is completely compliant with DOT and Drug-Free Workplace random drug and alcohol screening programs. Once clients decide on their program criteria, random testing populations, testing schedules, and what percentage of the pool needs to be tested, our system will automate the entire random drug testing consortium management process. Compliance reports for DOT auditors are available instantly.

Employers looking for help with random consortium drug testing programs need to look no further. The Goat Moves Drug Testing system offers advanced features for automation and includes on-going pool management to help customers maintain compliance. The online managed random drug testing consortium is ideal for smaller employers as the employees can join other employers in a larger random drug testing consortium pool.

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