Company Culture

Our Mission

Goat Moves Drug Testing is the catalyst for personal development and community outreach. We wish to be the example and the standard of company culture and employee support. We are proud pioneers of ultimate work-life balance and incorporating humanity back into the workplace. Our employees can celebrate their four-day work weeks with rotating Fridays, weekly one-on-ones, what we call “adult” days (when you just can’t do it) and resources for personal, mental & financial growth. We invest in our employees and ensure they are fully supported so they may continue to produce great results personally and professionally. Simply put, we wish to simplify the life process.

Our History

We were birthed during the pandemic. Goat Moves is the philosophy reflective of the social and cultural shifts that happened during this time. We started out as a small group of contractors navigating the family sectors performing mobile collections for the state and went “corporate” in July of 2020 expanding our drug testing network across the United States.

From the Owner

Why Goat Moves? My Grandfather (a Capricorn, an old Goat) immigrated from Lagos, Nigeria to Kansas City, MO in the 1960’s and earned a Master’s, two Bachelor’s and an Associate degree while picking flowers, supporting his family and persevering through adversity. In November of 2019 his eldest son (my Uncle) unexpectedly passed away. I had assisted my Uncle with some personal things and he would always tell me “You be pulling Goat Moves Niece” -he meant it in a “Greatest Of All Time” way. I (a Capricorn, a young Goat) of course loved it! In July of 2020, 8 months later, my grandfather passed away- the old Goat that started it all. Goat Moves is my way of honoring the hard work and sacrifices of my ancestors while being a positive influence they would be proud of.

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